Thermal Cameras/ Process Imaging

Process Control Thermal Imaging Solutions

Installed systems with alarm, analogue output and logging options, and a temperature range of -40 to 2000°C.

ThermoView TV40                                                      

The ThermoView TV40 range of process control thermal imagers offer enhanced features with IR Fusion (thermal and digital image blending) over the existing Pi20 (see below) including improved software and extra functionality.

Click here for datasheet on the TV40

NEW ThermoView TV30

The NEW ThermoView TV30 Thermal Imager allows you to visualise and control your industrial process applications in a way you never thought possible. Monitoring temperatures in severe environments is easier than ever before. Pinpoint problems quickly, with multiple areas of interest (AOIs) and personalisation options.

With the TV30, you can detect abnormalities with flexible precision – and without the need for vulnerable computer equipment.

The set up is a headache-free process. Connect to the TV30 IP address from a remote web browser, set your parameters, and begin the tracking process.

Click here for datasheet on the TV30


ThermoView Pi20pi20-online-thermal-imagers-1616508
High performance fixed thermal imager for moving or stationary targets in      industrial process control applications. ThermoView Pi20 provides easy networking over long distances, using the standard Ethernet interface.

Click here to view more information on the Raytek ThermoView Pi20.

MP150 Linescannermp150
Infrared linescanner which provides accurate, real-time thermal imaging for a wide variety of industrial applications, including continuous sheet and web-based processes, discrete manufacturing processes and rotating kilns.

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SpotScan Line Scanning Accessory 
This accessory is used with Endurance®, Marathon MM, Marathon MR, Modline® 5 and Modline 7 Series sensors. When mounted to the front of the sensor, the accessory allows the user to gather temperature information over a larger area on the target spotscan editdue to the scanning mechanism inside the accessory.



Thermal Imager – Affordable Thermography (Fluke)

Thermal imaging is able to be done with portable units, but also with installed systems which have several benefits.

The Fluke ThermoView Ti thermal imagers – affordable through to premium thermal cameras specifically designed for use in maintenance, with what maintenance professionals need to conduct thermographic inspections anytime, anywhere:

  • Thermal imager that measures temperature
  • Fast target scanning.
  • Includes full-featured software for analysis and reporting.
  • Low breakthrough price – from under £2000 to £15000 up. Our prices are the best available and we will consider matching any discount offered.
  • Ti200, 300 and 400 advanced thermal imagers also feature LaserSharp Auto Focus.
  • New Ti100 series has five models that enhance the existing Ti range, all with innovative new features.

SmartView software, a Windows based PC application for thermal analysis and reporting, is included at no extra cost with the ThermoView Ti thermal imagers. Download fully calibrated thermal images in seconds with the press of a button. Some of the tools built into the package include:

  • Temperature spot data – click anywhere on the image
  • Histograms – x y graphs, area temperatures
  • Isotherms – plus rescale the colour attributes

Full Reporting features – print or email quality thermography reports in minutes.

Click here to view PDF brochure of the Ti200,300 & 400 Imagers.

Click here to view PDF brochure of the Ti100 Series Industrial Imagers.

Click here to view PDF brochure of the TiR100 Series Buildings Imagers.

Click here to view PDF brochure of the Ti50/55 FT

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