IR Temperature Sensors

Non-Contact Infra-Red Temperature sensors (Raytek/Ircon/Fluke)


This exciting new range of sensors is launched by Fluke Process Instruments (made up of Raytek, Ircon and Datapaq). The range now covers many different temperature, optical and spectral ranges that include many applications.
Endurance IR sensors have a rugged stainless steel housing designed to meet IP65 (NEMA 4) environmental requirements in high ambients up to 65°C (149ºF) without cooling.
Our innovative optional camera feature allows you to continuously monitor your process visually, while the LED sighting option allows you to see the spot size on the target and make sure you have a clean line of sight to the target. The match function takes the guesswork out of setting the emissivity.
Endurance companion software allows you to archive your process temperatures for data analysis and sensor setup. Now – new Fibre Optic Endurance range, see PDF below.

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Rugged, smart and easy-to-install

  • Improve process control with wide choice of spectral ranges and focus distances designed specifically for your application
  • Reduce setup time with plug-and-play technology and integrated laser sighting
  • Protect your process and employees with intrinsically safe ATEX/IECEx/CCC-IS certification
  • Choose from options of analogue and digital communication protocols

Designed for harsh environments, Thermalert 4.0 Series Pyrometers provide accurate, real-time temperature measurements for process control applications spanning metals, plastics, glass, oil and gas, food and more. This robust solution comes in a compact, integrated package that is easy to install and operate, so you can take your process control to the next level.

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Smart, safe, innovative and versatile solution


  • Miniature, 14 mm diameter head fits where other sensors can’t.
  • Assemble your own customised system from a variety of temperature ranges and network communication interfaces
  •  Choice of optics and thermocouple, 0-5 V, or mA output.
  • Available with intrinsically safe ATEX / IECEx certification for explosive environments
  • The compact electronics feature adjustable emissivity, peak and valley hold, and averaging.
  • Multi-drop comms available.

The Raytek MI3 digital pyrometer features multi-sensor design for OEM applications and process control in continuous noncontact temperature monitoring from -40 to 1800°C (-40 to 3272°F) and offers lowest installation costs per measurement point due to multiple sensing head system design.

The MI3 uses I2C (I squared C) and has RS485, Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus and Modbus options. their low cost brings the advantages of infra-red, non-contact temperature measurement to new groups of users, including machine builders and OEM’s. Models for temperatures from -40 to 1800°C with the new 1M and 2M high temperature sensing heads. From under £400.

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Raytek/Ircon/Fluke Process Instruments – Automation Sensors – Fixed On-line Products

NOW -we add the Fluke Process Instruments models. Call for details
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Thermalert ® Series (including Marathon Series)
Automation sensors for process control (-50 to 3000°C)


We are pleased to announce the new range of Thermalert 4.0 sensors from Fluke Process Instruments, these products have enhanced features and functionality over and above the models listed below.

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There are a wide range of models including the Ircon Modline 4,5,6 and now the  Ircon Modline 7 range. The Raytek Thermalert TX ™and XR models combine sensor and output electronics in a single, integrated temperature measurement package for easy installation and operation. A wide variety of temperature range, output, and optical choices allows you to select a product to suit your application. From £400.
The XR is 4 wire, not loop powered with new features inc. laser RS485.

There is a wide range of units, optical configurations, and temperature ranges. Please call us to discuss options.

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The Thermalert monitor provides a compact, easy to use interface to many process instruments. This low cost 1/8 DIN digital panel meter comes standard with features which are optional on other panel meters in this price range. And in addition to accepting inputs from any 0-5V or 4-20mA sensor, this monitor can be used with many other sensors. Radir offer a full range of Temperature controllers in addition, of course.

For maximum accuracy very high specification measurement (Up to 3000C) Integrated sensors and fibre-optic versions. Also ratio/dual wavelength/2 Colour sensors. Please contact us to see what we can do for your demanding applications. And the fast response, superior optics MM models, now adds through the lens video recording, with embedded temperature data.

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